Unmatched user experience

Mobile apps are far more superior than a mobile website in its ability to create a better user experience so that your business can have a deeper engagement with your customers, and here’s why:

  1. Mobile apps have the capability to have far more superior graphics and effects, presenting better and cooler visuals for your users while mobile websites can be very limited due to its bandwidth and technology
  2. Mobile apps give you unlimited access to the phone’s features like the camera, GPS capabilities, microphone, etc., whereas mobile websites can only give you very limited access to the phone’s capabilities
  3. Mobile apps don’t need to rely on an Internet connection and can be used offline, whereas mobile websites always require you to be connected to the Internet
  4. Mobile apps have the ability to run a lot faster than mobile websites. For these reasons, it’s no wonder that mobile users perceive mobile apps as superior to mobile websites, with 85% of mobile users saying that they prefer mobile apps over mobile websites.